WinMX Music 5.5.0

A fun and simple music player that features an intuitive design and file management tools

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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WinMX music is a person to person file sharing platform. It is described to be perfect for downloading all types of computer files, such as music, video, pictures, games, and text documents. The file sharing platform became a hit in the early 2000s with the invention of Napster. Since then, the way of downloading files has seen a steady decrease in activity. So, does WinMX music win?

WinMX Music Vs. WinMX Pro

There are two available options when downloading this software. WinMX music is free while the pro version is not. Is the pro version worth the extra $25? It depends on what you want. The pro version provides ease and comfort, giving you the ability to search with better clarity and iTunes compatibility.


Ares Galaxy Online the creator of this program, explains that customization is central to distinguishing this file sharing platform from others. You are able to modify colors and icons within the program to your liking. Although it is not revolutionary, this is far more customization than most other file sharing platforms.

Does It Pass the Test?

As we searched for audio, we were pleasantly surprised. The audio library in this platform is massive. It contains almost any artist, song, or album you could think of. However, as we searched for more obscure artists and older music, we were left empty handed. WinMX fell short when it came to 1930s artists or anything that is truly vintage. On the other hand, if you are searching for primarily contemporary music, you will be pleased with the library.

The massive amounts of video files are astonishing. Like the audio files, we were able to find almost everything we were searching for. Our searches included documentaries, movies, television shows, and animated shorts. We searched for 10 different files and found all of them.

As we moved onto text documents, the task became more trivial. We searched for a plethora of different e-books. However, we only found contemporary novels or novels that are already in the public domain. The majority of the books were in PDF file format, allowing for easy access and printability.

Having an expansive library of free games is a dream to a child. This program would be the holy grail of file sharing platforms if it could deliver on this aspect of its promise. However, many recent games have activation codes alongside their discs. Any success we found was brought to a halt by the activation screen.

Lastly, the library of pictures garnered the most pitiful results. We searched for a variety of famous paintings and pictures but found minimal success. We were unable to find certain classics but we could find many logos and wallpapers.

In the end, the WinMX music serves the purpose of providing music. There is a list below of the pros and cons.


  • Fast
  • Expansive customization
  • Intuitive


  • No iTunes compatibility without purchase
  • Lacking pictures
  • Lacking text documents

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